Benchtop & Compact

Low Voltage Electron Microscopes

LVEM Applications in Life Sciences

High contrast TEM, SEM and STEM images of samples such as liposomes, phages, bacteria or biological thin sections.

LVEM Applications in Material Sciences

Rapid, highly detailed nanoscale images of samples such as nanoparticles, graphene, polymers and quantum dots.

Nanoscale from your benchtop

LVEM5 Benchtop Electron Microscope

The LVEM5 is the only benchtop Transmission Electron Microscope, and the first instrument built on the revolutionary LVEM platform. A true benchtop instrument, available with TEM, SEM and STEM imaging modes.

Fast, Compact, Powerful

LVEM25 Compact Electron Microscope

The LVEM25 is the newest and most powerful Low Voltage Electron Microscope, built on an enhanced technology platform and designed to work with conventionally prepared samples.

LVEM25 Electron Microscope
World Leader

Low Voltage Electron Microscopy

Delong is proud to be the world leader in Low Voltage Electron Microscopes (LVEM) with 5kv and 25kV systems.

Sharp design

is Better

Delong is the only company offering Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) in compact and benchtop formats.



Delong continues to explore the benefits of low voltage-high contrast imaging in both material science and life science applications.


Institutions who trust Delong LVEM electron microscopes for their research