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LVEM 25E Electron Microscope


The LVEM 25E is the All in One compact transmission electron microscope. It is versatile in that it combines 3 imaging modes with 2 analytical modes into one self-contained instrument. This advanced design combined with an impressive resolving power makes the LVEM 25E an exceptional partner for all your nanoscale imaging requirements. To request a detailed, no obligations quote today, simply click the button below and we will be happy to provide one for you.

Learn about the unique features that make the LVEM 25E Transmission Electron Microscope a great fit for any lab.


LVEM 25E Overview

Equipped with five imaging and analysis modes, The LVEM 25E will push research to the next level. Super-fast sample exchange and enhanced automation make the LVEM 25E a practical and easy-to-use tool for routine imaging applications. The LVEM 25E provides well-contrasted and highly detailed images from samples prepared with standard preparation protocols and provides the option to obtain the same level of detail with reduced staining.

The LVEM 25E provides the possibility to not only measure internal and external structures, but also to analyze the chemical composition of the sample, all in a single device. The advanced software assists the user by automatically setting column alignments and aperture positions. 

Imaging Modes Features

Equipped with TEM, STEM, SEM, EDS and ED modes, the LVEM 25E provides users with a unique option to obtain multiple data results from one sample – you can easily switch between the imaging modes using the intuitive LVEM software.

Transmission Electron Microscopy

TEM Mode

Imaging in the 25kV TEM mode provides high frame rate, live imaging for well contrasted size, shape and structural measurements.



Imaging at lower accelerating voltages with the 10 kV and 15 kV STEM modes provides even higher contrast levels and allows for analysing thicker samples.


Dark Field Mode

Both TEM and STEM dark field modes make imaging samples easier on challenging backgrounds, crystalline planes, dislocations, DNA, etc.

Transmission Electron Microscopy

SEM Mode

The SEM mode (BSE) offers analysis of sample surfaces for understanding surface shape and texture.


ED Mode

Electron diffraction allows for structural characterization of crystalline materials.


EDS Mode

The EDS mode allows for analysing the chemical composition of the samples and creating element composition maps which can be overlaid with the STEM and SEM data.

Design & Technology


Five imaging modes in one instrument

  • Equipped with TEM, STEM, SEM, EDS and ED modes
  • Easily switch between imaging modes via intuitive software
  • Bright and dark field measurements in both TEM and STEM modes
  • SEM mode (BSE) for surface measurements
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) for elemental analysis
  • Electron Diffraction (ED) for understanding crystal structure

Fully integrated and portable design

  • Extremely compact, space-saving and portable design
  • Single-plug installation in nearly any laboratory environment
  • No special facility requirements (no cooling, power or anti-vibration isolation needed)

High contrast and resolution for standard samples

  • Unmatched contrast of biologic and light material samples
  • Meaningful results with reduced staining
  • Image resolution as good as 1.0 nm
  • Designed for conventionally prepared samples
  • Super-fast sample exchange

Key Technical Features

Integrated Design - Compact and portable

The completely self-contained design maximizes the choice of installation locations, and for the first time, enables a truly effortless relocation of the electron microscope.

Product Tour

The LVEM 25E is the world's most versatile compact Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). A compact and easy to use form factor along with powerful imaging capabilities.

LVEM 25E Material Sciences Applications


Capture shape, structure and size distributions of nanoparticles through high contrast TEM and SEM measurements to reveal detailed nanoscale features.


Understand sample morphology and detect imperfections in the crystalline structure of polymeric materials using high contrast TEM measurements and detailed ED data.


Quickly understand the quality and purity of your samples, or the effectiveness of a new synthesis protocol, using high-contrast TEM and SEM images and EDS data.

Combined Materials

Characterize mixtures of materials for mixture ratio, sample purity, presence of contaminants and other aspects of your samples.

LVEM 25E Life Sciences Applications


Capture high-throughput images of thin sections prepared using standard protocols or analyse structures typically hidden with stain using reduced staining protocols. Combine TEM with SEM measurements to check basic surface characteristics and sample quality.


Quickly and reliably measure critical details about the quantity, size, shape, and capsid structures of even the smallest of viruses. Use the STEM mode to analyse the internal structures of larger viruses.


Capture high-contrast negatively stained images of various biomaterials – such as proteins – with reduced stain to study size, shape, and structure. Or eliminate the stain completely to learn about these materials in a completely new way.

Immunology and Oncology

Facilitate the study of thin-sectioned immunolabeled biological samples with the flexibility of imaging unstained, but tagged, thin sections using TEM and STEM imaging modes combined with EDS data.

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