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LVEM25 Electron Microscope

The LVEM25 is the fastest and most powerful compact transmission electron microscope. It is versatile in that it combines 2 imaging modes and 1 analytical mode into one very capable machine. The practical and intuitive design along with an impressive resolving power makes the LVEM25 a pleasure to work with in any university or research facility working in nanoscale. To request a detailed, no obligations quote today, simply click the button below and we will be happy to provide one for you.

Learn about the unique features that make the LVEM25 Transmission Electron Microscope a great fit for any lab.


LVEM25 Overview

The LVEM25 is a fast, compact and powerful transmission electron microscope engineered to seamlessly blend a compact form factor with uncompromised capabilities. This microscope combines the unique LVEM technical features with stronger electron beam penetration and is thus able to image conventionally prepared samples.

The LVEM25 is compact enough to be installed in any sized lab and is easy enough to operate that anybody can be trained to operate it. With the highest image resolution of our LVEM microscopes, multiple imaging modes and a compact design, it's no wonder that the LVEM25 is already a trusted instrument in the fields of pathology, virology and drug delivery.

Imaging Modes Features

The LVEM25 offers a high-contrast, high-throughput, compact imaging solution with nanometer resolutions that has all the benefits of low voltage microscopy with no limitations. The LVEM25 is a powerful 3-in-1 electron microscope with unique investigative capabilities that include transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) and even electron diffraction (ED). Its multimodal imaging capabilities combined with the ability to switch between imaging modes without moving the sample or re-alignment of the column make the LVEM25 a truly comprehensive imaging tool.

Transmission Electron Microscopy

TEM Mode

The 25kV TEM mode is standard on all LVEM 25 microscopes and provides high frame rate live-image and digital image acquisition through the use of a high-sensitivity and low-noise 5.5MP scientific CMOS camera for imaging thin sections.



The optional 10 and 15kV STEM modes enable the ability to image at even lower accelerating voltages, providing incrementally higher levels of contrast as well as allowing for work with thicker samples.


ED Mode

Electron diffraction is included with every system allowing for structural characterization of crystalline materials.

Design & Technology


High Contrast & High Resolution

  • Unmatched contrast of biologic and light material samples
  • Image resolution as good as 1.0 nm
  • Meaningful results without the need for heavy metal staining
  • Equipped with TEM, STEM and ED imaging modes

Compact & Robust Design

  • More compact than other TEM microscopes
  • Uniquely engineered space-saving design
  • Readily installed in nearly any laboratory environment
  • No special facility requirements needed (such as cooling, special power or an anti-vibration isolation)

Uncomplicated & Rapid Results

  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Simplified software and intuitive controls
  • Quick sample exchange allows for high throughput imaging
  • Designed for conventionally prepared samples

Key Technical Features

25kv Field Emission Gun - High contrast and higher power electron source

The electron source determines in large measure the parameters of the electron microscope. The uniquely-designed Schottky type field emission gun employed by the LVEM25 has very high brightness and spatial coherency and allows for strong interactions between the emitted electrons and the samples. This is what provides the LVEM 25 with uniquely high contrast.

Product Tour

The LVEM25 is the world's most powerful benchtop Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). A compact and easy to use form factor along with powerful imaging capabilities.

LVEM25 Key Applications

Pathology Research

Researchers in the field of pathology are benefited by the strikingly high contrast imagery produced. The detailed images can assist in the diagnosis of diseases like kidney disease, muscle disorders, ciliary dysfunction, neurological disorders and viral infections, to name a few, and allows for the analysis of ultrastructural pathologic changes in various tissues. 

Nanoparticle Characterization

For labs doing important research in nanoparticle characterization, the LVEM25 is an indispensable characterization tool capable of providing necessary detail on particle size and count distributions, particle shape, surface morphology as well as filament morphology, to name a few. 

Polymer Research

In the research of polymers, the implicit low-contrast imaging due to the polymers’ molecular composition is a non-issue where the LVEM25 is concerned, due to the ultra-high contrast provided by the low energy electron source. The LVEM25 can help to greatly understand the phase behaviour and morphology of these nanostructured Polymers. 

Cell Biology

Understanding of the organization, function and properties within cells is the reason why researchers in cell biology use electron microscopy. The LVEM25 provides higher contrast images than conventional TEM’s, which can lend a better understanding towards the location and organization of organelles, actin filaments in the cytoskeleton, and molecular complexes such as nuclear pores. 

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