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LVEM5 Benchtop Electron Microscope

The LVEM5 benchtop electron microscope is an invaluable microscopy tool that combines high-resolution imaging with nanoscale resolving power in the worlds one and only desktop TEM design. With the ability to operate in TEM, SEM and STEM modes while remaining affordable and simple to use, the LVEM5 is the perfect tool for any university or research institute working in nanoscale. Join the many leading institutions around the world who trust the LVEM5 for their imaging needs. Request a detailed no obligations quote today with a few simple clicks.


LVEM5 Overview

The LVEM5 is the uniquely designed benchtop low voltage electron microscope that is small enough to fit anywhere nanoscale imaging is needed. A remarkable imaging tool equipped with TEM, SEM and STEM modes and designed to produce detailed and meaningful image results with unmatched contrast of biologic and soft material samples. The LVEM5 is a benefit to any lab working, researching or studying nano materials.

The LVEM5 is easy to learn, operate and maintain, and has a price that is just a fraction of the cost of a conventional transmission electron microscope. It is a versatile and capable instrument well-suited for any classroom or research lab. The LVEM5 brings nanoscale to your benchtop.

Imaging Modes

The LVEM5 provides unmatched versatility by integrating 4 imaging modes into one very capable yet benchtop sized microscope. Depending on system configuration the LVEM5 can alternate between operating as a Desktop Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Desktop Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM) and can even provide Electron Diffraction (ED) data without ever having to re-align the column or adjust the sample. This allows both surface and transmission images of the sample to be captured from the same area of interest. The ability of a single instrument to undertake multiple imaging modes can’t be understated, and it is quickly becoming the indispensable tool of choice for many research labs.

Transmission Electron Microscopy

TEM Mode

LVEM 5 microscopes can be equipped with either a CCD or Scientic CMOS camera for Transmission Electron Microscopy imaging of nanoparticles and thin sections.


SEM Mode

A Backscatter Electron (BSE) detector offers a stereoscopic view of the sample. With the click of a button SEM mode is easily accessed to view the same area of interest for topographical information.



Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy is made possible with an added STEM detector. This mode allows for transmission images to be obtained from denser materials.


ED Mode

Electron Diffraction provides structural characterization of crystalline materials.

Design & Technology


Benchtop Design: Convenient imaging where you need it most

The LVEM 5 has an architecture that departs from traditional models. The benchtop design alone is a significant departure in terms of architecture & footprint from the classical TEM design. The LVEM5 is approximately 90% smaller than classical electron microscopes. In contrast to classical architecture, the electron optic column is very short, making up only ~ 50% of the LVEM5's tiny height. This means that the LVEM5 can be installed in a lab, on a desktop or benchtop; almost anywhere electron imaging is needed.


Ingenious design: We worked hard, so you don’t have to

The LVEM 5 marks a radical and refreshing departure from the classical electron microscope in many ways, notably, by being so remarkably simple that anyone can use it. Equipped with multiple imaging modes in a benchtop format, the LVEM 5 is ready to tackle the nanoscale from your benchtop.


Key Technical Features

5kv Field Emission Gun - High contrast electron source

The electron source determines in large measure the parameters of the electron microscope. The uniquely-designed Schottky type field emission gun employed by the LVEM5 has very high brightness and spatial coherency and allows for strong interactions between the emitted electrons and the samples. This is what provides the LVEM 5 with uniquely high contrast.

Product Tour

Comprised of specialized components that are fully integrated into a clever bench top architecture, the LVEM5 is a unique instrument and a refreshing departure from conventional electron microscopes, capable of TEM, SEM and STEM from one minimal platform.

LVEM5 Key Applications


The LVEM5 is predominantly well suited for labs doing routine research in nano materials as the LVEM5 is an indispensable characterization tool capable of providing necessary detail on particle size and count distributions, particle shape, surface morphology as well as filament morphology, to name a few. 

Polymer Research

In the research of polymers, the implicit low-contrast imaging due to the polymers’ molecular composition is a non-issue where the LVEM5 is concerned, due to the ultra-high contrast provided by the low energy electron source. The LVEM5 can help to greatly understand the phase behaviour and morphology of these nanostructured Polymers.

Energy Research

The energy field is one filled with amazing possibilities, and nanomaterials are paving the way to revolutionize how the world consumes energy. Whether its discovering new catalysts to improve fuel efficiency, building super capacitors from quantum dots or finding new ways to extend the life of a battery, the LVEM5 remains one of the best options offering high contrast imagery of internal compositions as well as surface detail of researched materials.

Environmental Toxicology

As nanotechnology and its affiliated materials are poised to soon become staples in everyday life, it is not surprising that a field like Environmental Toxicology has come to exist. This discipline studies the impact of manmade pollutants and chemicals on the ecosystem, and focuses on nanoparticle characterization and analysis of heavy metals within our food and water sources.

LVEM5 Library

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