How can we teach others?

Last week, we celebrated teacher appreciation week and thanked teachers working in physical and online classrooms.  This week, we encourage everyone to consider we all have the opportunity to teach others if we look for them, and use education to make the world a better place.

Maybe you’re a university professor teaching students in a classroom, or training student researchers in your lab on how to use the LVEM5 or LVEM25.  Maybe you’ve opened up your lab for local K-12 school students on field trips.  Maybe you’re working at a company, and offer tours of the lab, or give a demonstration of the LVEM to colleagues or visitors.  Maybe you’ve worked on a technical sales “explainer” article, or help guide the technical aspect of an infographic.  Maybe you’ve volunteered to do scientific demonstrations at a local science center for kids, or as part of a coordinated outreach event.  Maybe you’ve made a video on your favorite internet channel explaining a scientific concept, or posted an educational scientific article on your social media accounts, or shared an image you collected on an LVEM.  Maybe you’re a parent who has helped a child answer questions as they experience the world around them.  Maybe when you have a conversation with friends, you make a point to answer scientific questions when they ask you what you think over coffee.  And there are many more ways than these!

We’d love for you to share the ways you’ve been a teacher for others, or ways you plan to in the near future, especially involving the LVEM!  With it’s small laboratory footprint and ease of use, it makes for engaging demonstrations and outreach to all ages.


 About the author: 

Robert I. MacCuspie, Ph.D., has over twenty years of experience working at the interface of business and science, at national laboratories, academia and corporations, and is the founder of MacCuspie Innovations which helps companies responsibly commercialize new technologies.