PRESS RELEASE: Introduction of the All in One LVEM 25E

Delong Instruments is proud to announce the launch of its newest instrument, the LVEM 25E compact electron microscope. Built on the same LVEM platform as the widely used benchtop LVEM5, and compact LVEM25, the LVEM 25E is a truly ‘All in One’ electron microscope. The LVEM25E is the first LVEM to be equipped with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) for elemental analysis, complementing the TEM, STEM, SEM and ED capabilities already found in all of its other systems.

LVEM 25E Electron Microscope

The LVEM 25E is optimized to work with biological and polymer thin sections that are prepared by standard procedures for conventional TEM and is well suited for applications in virology, pathology as well as nanomaterial research.

The LVEM 25E is built with an extremely compact, space-saving and portable design, requiring just a single plug installation in nearly any laboratory environment with no special facility requirements (no cooling, power or anti-vibration isolation needed)

The operations of the LVEM25 are straightforward, and routine procedures such as column alignment don't require unreasonable effort and time. Automated software adjustment
and control of the LVEM 25E column alignments and aperture positions eliminates the need for the operator to manually correct them. This means the LVEM 25E is always ready to image with optimal performance, and allows for rapid and effortless switching between modes.

A redesigned vacuum system, employing an integrated and maintenance free turbomolecular pump, combined with vibration free ion getter pumps, allows for a super-fast sample exchange time and produces an ultra-high vacuum imaging environment, free from contamination.

The LVEM 25E reduces downtime should there be a loss of vacuum. With the automatic soft bake and gun conditioning functions, recovering the vacuum is fast and does not require a service visit. 

Key Features;

Five imaging modes in one instrument

  • Equipped with TEM, STEM, SEM, EDS and ED modes
  • Easily switch between imaging modes via intuitive software
  • Bright and dark field measurements in both TEM and STEM modes
  • SEM mode (BSE) for surface measurements
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) for elemental analysis
  • Electron Diffraction (ED) for understanding crystal structure

Fully integrated and portable design

  • Extremely compact, space-saving and portable design
  • Single-plug installation in nearly any laboratory environment
  • No special facility requirements (no cooling, power or anti-vibration isolation needed)

High contrast and resolution for standard samples

  • Unmatched contrast of biologic and light material samples
  • Meaningful results with reduced staining
  • Image resolution as good as 1.0 nm
  • Designed for conventionally prepared samples
  • Super-fast sample exchange

Delong continues to explore the benefits of low voltage-high contrast imaging in both material science and life science applications. This combined with the small size and ease of use of our instruments is certainly the reason that benchtop electron microscopes from Delong are poised to propel your research to new levels of excellence.